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Why Every Retail Business Should Use Planograms

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Planograms are a highly effective way to organize your store and increase sales. In this article, we’ll discuss the three main reasons why a business should use planograms: product placement, out-of-stocks and customer experience.

Customer experience: Make the overall shopping experience enjoyable and efficient

When it comes to customer experience, you’ll want to make sure you are doing everything possible to make the shopping experience enjoyable and efficient.

One of the most important factors in this process is product placement. Some retailers have a difficult time understanding how important product placement is for their customers and sales, but when done correctly it can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Out-of-stock risks not only souring your relationship with customers but also increasing costs related to restocking inventory and lost sales opportunities

Product placement: Which products to place and where to place them

A planogram is a visual representation of where products should be placed on shelves. It’s the most efficient way to organize your store in terms of presentation, product mix and sales opportunities.

Planograms are designed by retailers to ensure that products are arranged in an eye-catching manner so customers will be more likely to buy them. A planogram can be as simple as a few boxes drawn on paper or something as complicated as a digital map created with specialized software.

Out of stocks: Improve inventory management and increase sales

This is one of the biggest customer service issues—out-of-stocks. It’s a major pain point for customers and will lead to lost sales if you don’t resolve it.

Out-of-stock situations can be avoided or at least greatly reduced by improving inventory management and keeping track of your product assortment through a planogram tool like ours. Planograms help you create precise layouts for your products, which allows you to accurately predict how much of each SKU should be in stock at any given time. By using this information, retailers can make better decisions about their inventory management process by knowing when they need to reorder items or restock shelves based on demand.


Planograms are useful for stores and other businesses that want to maximize their sales by creating an organized layout for the products. It’s easy to use planograms to display your goods in a way that makes customers more likely to buy them. Going back through our points above, you should now have a good sense of how planograms can help you improve sales at your store!

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